Posted by: Patrick | June 20, 2007

The Screaming Tree.


Melinda, Alise, Nick, Eric, and I went to the Screaming Tree around 11ish pm in Lakeside. There’s this San Diego urban legend that a girl hung herself on this tree and if you drive up to it, flash your high beams on the tree, and honk you’ll be able to see her. We drove to the tree on this dirt path and finally made it up to the tree but we felt bad for the people that lived there and didn’t want to ‘scare’/bother them so we ended up not doing the brights/honking portion of the ‘myth’.

We made a video of us going there and I’ll put it up soon.



  1. Me and some friends went down that same road looking for the tree last night, and we didn’t know which tree it was. Can you email me the video you made please? That would be great, thanks!

  2. Hey, to get there you have to go down that road for a while. You will pass this building that my friends say is a slaughterhouse. then after you see the dirt ramps you are pretty much there. The best picture I have is the one below but it doesn’t show the tree. Its of the opening where we make the u-turn to go back but the opening where the tree is is right before this one. Its the big huge tree near the opening but, again, the tree isn’t in the picture. Everything was too dark to really see in my video.

  3. crap. i don’t know how to put up a picture.

  4. Someone PLEASE put up pictures or videos of this place cuz I really want to check it out. Thanks.

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