Posted by: Patrick | June 10, 2007

Stevie’s Birthday.


Emily, Heather, Stevie, and I went to Ocean Beach. When I got in the car, they told me we were celebrating Stevie’s birthday since she was gone and we didn’t get to do anything yet. Emily made some vegan brownies with frosting but I couldn’t eat them because I HATE chocolate.

We got to OB and went south of the pier to the cliffs so they could smoke and eat their brownies. We walked to Santa Cruz and had a mini picnic/smoke sesh, which I was not a part of either. Ha. Then we walked back to the grass by Newport to hack. On the walk there, this crazy tweaker and his friend stopped us and asked about the brownies. Stevie told them it was her birthday and the older of the two guys took out his harmonica and played her some ‘birthday’ songs.

We hacked for a bit and then went to Hodad’s and they ate/I shat. Ha. Then we went to the rock with the peace sign way down where the parking turnouts are on Sunset Cliffs Blvd before going back.

More pictures here ====>





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