Posted by: Patrick | June 4, 2007



Heather had a bonfire at Paradise Point. Heather, Emily, Erica, Stevie, Roxy, Mark, Gibran, Alex, and Tasha all came. I took some cool pictures of the bay and the bridge near it. Drama queens stayed on the roof most of the time. Ha. I don’t get why they even came.

We were expecting the fireworks to go off so we could see them but I don’t think they go off every night this time of the year. I should find out when they do that.

PS. Paris Hilton is in jail.

PPS. Roxy told me at the bonfire that the manager at Jamba Juice hadn’t called me yet because she lost something or I didn’t turn anything in even though no one told me to turn anything in…

More pictures here ====>






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