Posted by: Patrick | June 4, 2007

2007 MTV Movie Awards.

I was stoked to watch the MTV Movie Awards this year just for the mere fact that comedienne Sarah Silverman was hosting. She is the funniest female stand up I’ve ever seen. Her jokes fit perfectly with the type of humor I have. The award show was a little bizarre this year. It was the first time actually airing live and it seemed short.

Amy Winehouse performed “Rehab”. She looks so weird — her twitchy, coming-down-from-tweak dance moves and gaze was reminiscent of a crackhead I once saw a long time ago talking to himself.

Speaking of rehab, Bruce Willis and Jack Nicholson looked a little “lit”, if ya know what I mean, and Dane Cook seemed totally coked up. Ha. Jack gave this horribly long speech about nothing and ranted and raved about who even knows!

I didn’t really get what Paris Hilton was doing there. She didn’t present and she wasn’t nominated for anything. She pretty much came just to get bashed by Sarah Silverman in her opening monologue. They even cut to Paris for a reaction shot after the jokes.

They had this fat guy come on the stage to scare the winners away if there speeches get too long. Uhhh… disgusting. Check out his belly button. It has bulbous tumor like things coming out of it.

All throughout the show, they played these Old Navy commercials and surprisingly the clothes were good. They geared the commercial towards indie style. They had girls in jersey dresses and leggings! Looks like Old Navy is trying to change their image. Check out their clothes here. Blazers at Old Navy? Who would have thunk?


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