Posted by: Patrick | June 1, 2007

Work Update.

The event photography job sent all the photographers a weekly newsletter just to update everyone on the status of the cards, payment, and general questions people have been asking them but the newsletter only brought more questions to mind than answering them. They said that they didn’t get everyone’s contract and to send them in if you haven’t already. I only met up with one person from the business one time and he didn’t have me sign any contract or even mention one. I asked about it in the email I sent and asked them where my cards were since they sent me another email earlier on May 17th saying they have it mailed that day and I still haven’t received it.

I received an email back from them that said there was a mixup and my “nickname” was taken by someone else and my cards were sent to them. They gave me a new nickname and are mailing the new cards tomorrow. Frustration! I just want to start working already…


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