Posted by: Patrick | May 31, 2007

The Simple Life.

I just caught the first episode of The Simple Life: Camp Shawnee and this show is the usual Paris and Nicole debacle. I hope by now people don’t still watch this show and believe that this show is real. Besides that fact, I think this show is and will always be entertaining.

I thought the part where this big (and when I say big, I mean humongous) girl gives her side commentary was hilarious. She says “When I got off the bus and saw those two, I said to myself ‘Oh hell no’ “. When I saw that big girl, I said the same thing in my head — “Oh hell no.”

Shes the first woman from the left.

These girls are so hot. I wonder what their personalities are like in real life — if they are humble and nice or bitchy and arrogant.


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