Posted by: Patrick | May 24, 2007


The Before Picture. (Unfortunately, there won’t be an after unless I do it much later on.)

I finally got all the restless energy out. I put it to work today and cleaned the shit out of my room. I rearranged everything in the room, vacuumed the entire floor (even under all the furniture), dusted everything, sorted through most of my stuff, threw a lot of useless stuff out. I feel like I accomplished a lot even though its such a small feat. Its weird but I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

They do say that they way the inside of your room reflects the state your mind is in at the current time because its like a manifestation of your thoughts and for a while, I felt like my mind was being cluttered with unnecessary thoughts just like my room was cluttered with useless objects.

I really want to sell the things that I don’t need. It would get rid of my stuff and give me much needed cash. Also, I think that I’ll give some of the things that I don’t think I can sell to people that might need/want it. The world repays you tenfold for your actions whether it be good or bad. I need some good karma and I think I’ve been getting some lately.

Jamba Juice called today and scheduled a second interview early tomorrow morning. I’ll see how that goes. Right now I’m in a time where any job and any income coming in is valued and appreciated. I don’t have the option to be picky right now. There are so many things I want to do and such little way doing them without the proper resources and anyways I have another job that I like — event photography.

I’ll update with crazy stories about the public transport I must take and my feelings of the interview tomorrow.


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