Posted by: Patrick | May 24, 2007


Yesterday, someone from Jamba Juice called again and asked if I wanted to do a second interview. I agreed to one and it was scheduled for the next day at 930am. That is earlier than I wake up and to have to wake up earlier than that to get ready was insane but I sucked it up and went. I feel like I have much more motivation, determination, and responbility these days. I feel a little more grown up but still feel awkward calling myself an adult.

I took public transportation again but no such stories to tell this time, unlike last time. I sat on a bench for a bit since I got there a little early and waited. At 930 I went into Jamba Juice and we started the interview. It went well and there was only a few questions and they weren’t extremely hard to answer. In the middle of the interview, she gave me a high five so there were signs that I was doing well. At the end of it, she told me that I had the job!

I start orientation on Saturday from 1-3pm.
Now all I need are those damn cards for event photography job and I’m set.


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