Posted by: Patrick | May 22, 2007

Heroes: Season Finale

The season finale show of Heroes on NBC was intense. The pivotal line in this episode was “The future isn’t written in stone” said by Claire, the Texan cheerleader that can recover from almost any injury Her statement inspired her biological father and Hero, Nathan Petrelli to go against what was since thought to be the inevitable: Peter, who absorbed the power to create nuclear blasts, would blow up New York City and kill millions of people. Instead, he saved the city from destruction by taking Peter and flying up into the atmosphere, where Peter then exploded creating only a blast in the sky.

Cliffhangers: Hiro teleported back in time somewhere in Asia where there is about to be a battle between an army and a single person, obviously someone with Hero abilities. What they are is unknown.

Molly — who can find any Hero’s location just by thinking about them — tells Parkman, Bennett, and Suresh that she can track anyone but there is one person she doesn’t like to think about because when she does, “he can see [her]”. She said he’s worse than Sylar.

Sylar, after being stabbed by Hiro with a sword, is thought to be dead but at the end of the episode, he is either dragged by someone or himself into the sewer.

The fate of Peter and Nathan is still unknown. No one knows where they are or if they’re alive. Peter can regenerate so he should be fine but Nathan’s fate is unknown.

PS. Is Linderman really dead? His power was to bring back the dead, like the flower in his office and brought Nathan’s wife out of paralysis. He could still be alive and the one that drags Sylar into the sewer or even the evil man Molly is talking about.

I heard that they are doing a spinoff show with new characters where you get to learn the origin of their powers.

Visit the Heroes website for more pictures, updates, and info here.


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