Posted by: Patrick | May 21, 2007

The AC Lounge.

Today was like a test run at my new job as an event photographer. I’m supposed to wait for them to send me business cards with my name and the website on it that I pass out to people I take a picture of but Matt, the guy that hired me, gave me a bunch of business cards with someone else’s name on it which I used at the AC Lounge.

It was way different than I expected it to be. I came in thinking everyone was going to want to have their picture taken and I would get a shit load of pictures but that wasn’t the case. I got there and I received more no’s than yes’s. I was bummed at first but as I kept asking more people I noticed most of the people saying yes were drunk. Lightbulb: Just come to the bars later when everyone is trashed because thats when they want their pictures taken. At the latter end of the night, I didn’t get one ‘no’. Ha. But I did better than I expected for such a small bar.

The Air Conditioned Lounge
4673 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92116

Some samples here ====>


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