Posted by: Patrick | May 16, 2007


I put in an application with Jamba Juice one day when Heather and I were waiting for Roxy, who works at Jamba Juice, to get off. I really needed a job at that point. I had no money but needed/wanted a car — among other things. They called me back and scheduled an appointment Wedneday, May 16.

Having no car, I took public transportation ie. the bus and trolley. I waited at the nearest stop to my house. A woman and her child sat next to me. They looked like they just got out from picking up the young child from school. When the mother was on her cell phone, the child — who was sitting on her lap — dropped some little arts and crafts toy that she made. Seeing how the child was sitting in her lap and the mother being on the phone, I picked it up and gave it back to her. After the cell phone conversation was through, the mother looked over and said ‘thank you so much’ with a nice smile on her face.

In these days, I think people are surprised when other people go out of their way to do a random nice thing for them. I think that just shows how self centered and selfish most people are in our society and how they don’t care for their fellow man/woman/child. That really made me think. Hopefully, if I do more good things for random strangers, that might motivate them to do some other kind act for another stranger. I remember watching a movie like this and forget what the title was but I genuinely want to see a nicer, kinder world.

When I got off the bus, I knew I was supposed to get off at SDSU and get on the trolley but when I did, I was oblivious as to where to go. Luckily, this lady was going a similar route as mine and offered to show me. She boarded the trolley with me and even let me know when to get off. Was this karma or coincidence? I did one good deed and the universe repaid me with someone helping me out. Even though both acts were small and somewhat insignificant, I didn’t have to pick up the toy and the woman didn’t have to show where to go.

Spread good thoughts and actions, everyone.


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