Posted by: Patrick | May 4, 2007

Autumn’s House.

I hung out with some of the members of Team Sleaze — Melinda and Nydia. Kevin and Tony hung out, too. At first we were supposed to go to this house and drink but one of their roommates had to wake up early or something so we went to Kevin’s house. Then around 11pm, Autumn called me and said she wants to have people over so we went to her house and drank since Kevin’s dad was home and we had to be kind of quiet if we stayed there. We drank and crashed in her living room.

PS. Her brother, who is in Radiant, came to town. Thats why she wanted people over.

More pictures here ====>



  1. the chick with the hat is super pretty and u look faded!

  2. yeah i was, we all passed out in my friend, Autumns, living room.

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