Posted by: Patrick | April 26, 2007

The Rapture.

Emily messaged Beauty Bar about the free Rapture tickets that they were giving away and as it turns out, a girl from her high school is the one that checks the bar’s Myspace so she gave us the last two free tickets. We picked them up and her friend’s work at some South Park boutique and headed straight to the Beauty Bar. We didn’t see a line in front so we got crunk in the car and went to the show. We met this random guy in line and got him in for free. Inside, he bought us drinks. Well, it was really her but I took some sips off of it. I saw Melanie in line and talked to her for a bit and hung out with her for a little bit inside. I haven’t seen her in a long time. Ever since her and James were going out? Well, anyway, the show was awesome and Emily and I were really close so I took some pictures.

People don’t dance no more
They just stand there like this

They cross their arms

And stare you down

And drink and moan and dis

More pictures here ====>


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