Posted by: Patrick | April 24, 2007

Heroes: Chapter Nineteen.

I just watched the return of Heroes from their long break.  A lot of the scenes in the show related to current events and I was wondering if the writers were making some sort of social commentary of recent current events.

Nathan Petrelli was told by Linderman that Nathan was to become President and Peter explodes the day after he’s elected, blowing up New York City.  Linderman tells him to use this tragedy to unite the world.  Hmm…  sounds like Bush using 9/11 for the purpose of uniting the world in his war.

Isaac, who sees the future — the prophet, was killed in a crucified fashion and did so willingly to save others.  Remind you of anyone?  A prophet, crucified, died to save other’s.

But besides all that, the show is moving along nicely.  It only has four more episodes in the season/series?  I wonder if this is a one season deal or if its going to be a couple season-long series.  Either way, I think this is the best show on television right now.

Predictions for next episode: Linderman uses Micah to rig the election so Nathan Petrelli gets the presidency, the mother and father of Nathan and Peter’s powers are revealed, and the story of Nathan’s dad’s “suicide” is told.


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