Posted by: Patrick | April 20, 2007

Downtown San Diego.

This is a picture of a fountain in Downtown San Diego situated inbetween the SD Convention Center and Horton Plaza.  I believe its at the end of Front Street.  The fountain isn’t always turned on but the structure itself is enough to grab attention.

I remember the first time I was taken to this location.  I was attending Roosevelt Jr. High School and was easily coerced into being truant from class.  I didn’t know where I was going but trusted the friends I was with to provide adequate entertainment.  We made it to this park and walked up to a group of kids our age.  They invited us to sit down and smoke with them.  They told us of their plans on growing a cannibus plant on the top of the hill we were sitting on.  [Note: The park is a collection of small circular manmade hills of grass surrounded by woodland trees.]  One spoke about how he would come back every now and then and water/tend to it.

Then time passed and we realized we had no money and no way home.  We walked around for a while until we passed a construction site.  One of my peers recognized it and knew someone working there.  We talked to a few workers in an attempt to find who we were looking for and after speaking to him, we found a ride to our respective homes.


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