Posted by: Patrick | April 19, 2007

Thank God You’re Here.

Thank god for TiVo!  I got to watch this show in full but I think I missed two episodes somewhere.  I just went on the TGYH site and found photos of two different episodes that I missed.  Argh!  But this episode featured Chelsea Handler, George Takei, Shannon Elizabeth, and Tom Green.  They each came to the table with a different type of humor.  They were all distinct yet I found that George Takei was the least humorous.  He just doesn’t strike me as the funny type.  Chelsea came with her quick wit and really fast off the cuff but funny remarks.  Tom was just out there like he always is: making abnormal sounds and knocking things over.  Shannon was just overly sexual with her jokes.  In the last round where all the comedians do a scene together, she made out with almost everyone even the judge but still lost!! Ha.

For an explanation of the show, go here.


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