Posted by: Patrick | April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech.

RIP VT 33.

When I woke up yesterday, I saw some media coverage on CNN of some breaking news.  It was another school shooting.  This time at a college campus in Virginia — Virginia Tech.  My eyes were glued to the screen as the events unfolded before my eyes.  The death toll when I first tuned in was at a staggering 21 dead, 29 injured.  It made news as the deadliest campus shooting in US History but by noon PST, the death toll rose to an unbelievable 32 dead.  This made it the deadliest shooting incident in the US.

I heard this story of the heroism of these two guys that were in Norris Hall, where most of the people were injured or died.  Some construction had been going on recently so the firing of the guns were just taken as standard construction noise but it soon became apparent to the people in the classes in Norris Hall that they were actually gunshots.  Everyone in this particular classroom were ducking under their tables but two guys barracaded the door with a rectangular table.  The gunmen tried the handle and couldn’t get in.  He forced his weight on the door and budged it a couple of inches.  Then he shot at the middle of the door and couple times and walked off.  Luckily, the two were on either side of the door holding the table.  Who knows what would have happened if they didn’t do that.  They could have all died.  It makes you think what you would have done in a situation like that.

Another act of heroism was made by a professor named Liviu Lebriscu [sp?].  He barricaded the door which allowed all the students to climb out the window.  The last students to jump out witnessed their teacher get shot.  He was a survivor of the Holocaust but unfortunately didn’t survive this.



  1. so so sad. that last sentence is heartbreaking. that is brave.


  2. True words.

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