Posted by: Patrick | April 13, 2007

Friday The 13th Party.

I heard that Veronica was having a party at her house so after Emily and I went to the Lightning Bolt show we headed over there. Some of my friends were already there so I said, ‘hey’. We went inside and there was another band playing. I forget what someone said the band’s name was. I was feeling really good but I think I had a beer or two. Megan came and Emily’s friend, Eric, came later too. It was a fun party overall.

PS. I have no clue who the girl in the above picture is but it looks like she is having fun.

More pictures here====>



  1. this was the night of the danny got his foot ran over!

  2. oh man, i dont think i heard about that one. you’ll have to tell me the story, or leave the story here as a comment! ahaha.

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