Posted by: Patrick | April 13, 2007

Free To Good Homes.

I found both of these earlier today and they both reminded me of times when I used to cherish their very existence — my yo-yo and my old Vans.  There was that phase when the yo-yo was the new “it” thing when I was in elementary school.  It was all over the school and I think it was even banned from some schools in the county.  Ha.  And one of the pairs of shoes I used to wear when I was younger.  The pair of shoes that has since been replaced by the awesome combat boot that everyones knows and loves/hates/licks.  I think it is time for these (and other things I find in the coming days/weeks/months) to find a new home and make new memories.  Either that or be discarded in the garbage like leftover fast food fries in the bottom of a brown paper bag.

The Vans: Mens 9 and the yo-yo: one size fits all.
You know the drill.


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