Posted by: Patrick | April 12, 2007

Shroud Of Turin.

There was a program on KPBS on the Shroud Of Turin earlier today and, unfortunately, I didn’t watch it.  I remember the hype in the media that the Shroud caused when pieces of it were carbon dated and they found it to be much later than the time when Jesus died.  All authenticity of it went out the window.  I just read on this website that it actually could be the real garment that covered Jesus.  The original carbon dating was flawed and the Shroud could very well be from Jesus’ time.  I wonder if there will ever be a definitive answer.

Also, the new James Cameron directed movie is going to be about the possibility of these tombs found in the eighties being not only Jesus’ but his “wife”, Mary, and “child”, Judas’.  This goes against every thing Christians/Catholics believe in because Jesus was said to have resurrected body and soul into heaven so he left no remnants behind (so there’s no need for a tomb) and also Jesus never had a child.  But I haven’t really looked into the truth of any of this.


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