Posted by: Patrick | April 11, 2007

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno III.

The premiere episode aired today and they sent the reality stars to South Africa for this challenge.  They separated everyone into two teams: the Badasses and the Good Guys.

Representing the Badasses: Abram, Evelyn, Aneesa, Tyrie, Janelle, Kenny, Jenn, CT, Tonya, and Danny.

For the Good Guys: Ace, Rachel, John, Susie, Colie, Davis, Tmmy, Cara, Alton, and Paula.

The first episode was insane.  The first night, everyone gets trashed and Kenny and CT start wrestling.  Things start escalating when Kenny gives CT a bloody nose in their scuffle.  Later on in the night, CT punches Davis in the face and had to leave the show.  He was replaced by Derrick and the challenges began.  The Badasses won both challenges and Davis and Abram were picked to go into the Inferno. The episode ends with Alton, the immunity shield winner, replacing Davis in the Inferno with himself and Abram, the other immunity shield winner, replacing himself for Tyrie.


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