Posted by: Patrick | April 11, 2007


I have a good feeling about this application to Vons.  I really need a job and Vons is the perfect place since its walking distance from my house.  I guess I can never have an excuse for being late.  Hopefully, I get it.  Its really not that hard to get a night job at Vons…  I mean, it isn’t an exclusive trendy retail store for chrissakes.  Ha.

Oh yeah, and partially cleaned my room.  I found some good shit to sell that I don’t need anymore.  Mainly, some surf/skate brand clothing that I used to wear…  Don’t ask.  Craigslist, here they come.

PS. “Skating” tomorrow.

PPS. I took an IQ test today and I scored a 136, which is better than 90% of the population.  Its only 8 points away from being a real genius.  Hells yeah!  I knew I was smart.


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