Posted by: Patrick | April 11, 2007

28 Weeks Later.

Apparently, someone has made a sequel to the incredible movie, 28 Days Later which was directed by Danny Boyle. The sequel has a different director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. The storyline, at least what I get from the trailer, is that England is now beginning to start repopulating after the military/government has eradicated all the infected but as everyone starts pouring back into the country, they find that there are still more infected out there. …then chaos ensues…

I’m a little weary about the quality of this film, mainly due to the fact that the first installment was one of my top favorite horror movies of all time. I will definitely give it a chance when it comes out since it has so much potential to be good. I just hope this new director doesn’t mess up the franchise.

Here’s the trailer:


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