Posted by: Patrick | April 5, 2007

Camping: Day Two.

Day two started with us waking up at approximately the crack of dawn. I didn’t feel too well that morning and the outdoors were quite chilly for my liking. We got up and I started a small fire going. We used a lot of the firewood so we decided to go to where Emily saw some free firewood. We got a shitload of wood and right across the street was a Harrahs casino. We went in to use their facilities and to our surprise, the casino gives away free soda/coffee/beverages. We both got some soda and left.  We were really roughing it, huh?When we got back to our site, there was an awesome dog there just hanging out. It stayed with us for a while but eventually left. We decided to go exploring some more and walked to the waterfall and further. Some older people even asked if we wanted to smoke some pot with them but we declined. Neither of us smoke. Then as we were going back to the site, Heather is just entering LJIR. Perfect timing. We go back to the playground/waterfall and then return. Drinking commences on their part (I am still not feeling well) and we take some cool pictures. The evening goes on… karoake, more pictures, then eventually bed.

More pictures here ====>


“Look, over there.”

Our humble abode.  Pardon the mess.


I’m the sober one.  The only sober one…

Graffiti + Nature = No bueno but looks cool.

Fun in the dark.  It’s literally pitch black over there. No ambient light.


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