Posted by: Patrick | April 3, 2007


Emily picked me up from my house and we went to Vons to get food/booze for the camping trip and then we were off. It was around two when we left for La Jolla Indian Reservation. The inner tubing stream was turned off by the people that control the local damn but there was still some water in the creek. Once we got to our site, we started unloading and setting things up. We got the tents out (Emily brought three) and immediately realized that the main two person tent that we were going to be using the most, we didn’t know how to assemble. We put up the tent that was like the tent I was going to bring because we already knew how to put it up and then realized we had the same problem with the other smaller tent; we didn’t know how to set that one up as well. ‘Dumb and Dumber Go Camping’. We decided to go explore the grounds and stopped by a playground. I got some good swing shots and then we headed off to the waterfall. We stayed there until the sun started to set. We hurried back to beat the sun because we hadn’t started the fire yet. It took a while but luckily a friend’s boyfriend explained it how to start a fire a couple of weeks ago at a bonfire and I payed close attention. Its like riding a bike — once you know how to do it, you’ll never forget. I’m basically a pro now. Later that night, we hung out by the fire and had some beer.
Burnt grapes smell like grape juice.
Ms. New Booty.

More pictures here ====>



  1. Dear Patrick,
    that trip was awesome. and i told you burnt grapes smell like grape juice!

    love love love emily

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