Posted by: Patrick | March 29, 2007


I’m becoming more and more frustrated with this brainwashing of this society to be materialistic and always consuming.  Consuming in the way of eating and in the way of commerce.  We are taught to buy, buy, buy and eat, eat, eat.  The average American has more objects than they need or use but always crave more.  The average American is also overweight and always hungry for more.  We are trained to think like that in this culture and I’m going to try to reverse these twenty one years of mental sculpturing.  I want to limit my spending to the essentials.  No extraneous spending for useless things.  This part is easy when you don’t have much money but the mentality to “want” these things is what needs to also be erased.  I want to limit the amount I eat to a moderate amount instead of eating to excess. These two things are already in progress: the sale of many of my things are already on craigslist and awaiting buyers, I’m thinking of giving away the things I don’t sell, and the dietary section of this metamorphosis has already been in affect.


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