Posted by: Patrick | March 8, 2007

Farmer’s Market.

I went to Ocean Beach again with Emily.  This time we came prepared.  We brought all of our cameras.  Luckily, Wednesday is farmer’s market so we stopped by there really quick and checked it out.  Surprisingly, it goes on later that I expected but before the sun set, we headed for the spot and got some 211s.

We took some pictures and then met up with Stevie and her bf.  Then we went back to the farmers market.  We ran into her friend who just had some puppies and went to go see them.  Ran into payam and shawn and they said that theyre having a party that night.  Emily wanted to stay the night at Mark’s house so I had her drop me off at Joe’s house since it was his bday.  Nick, Charles, Sherwood, Kelly, Mari, Corrie were there.  Jonathan came to.  Then when Jonathan left I asked for a ride to Payams and then partied there.  So wasted.  I remember a beer bong.  The rest is too crazy.


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