Posted by: Patrick | March 5, 2007

Lunar Eclipse.

Erica picked me up and she, her brother, and I went to Hillcrest.  She wanted to go to Thirsty Moon Records and get a gift card.  Then we walked around and explored some construction sites and this amazing design center building.  The latter looked abandoned and was all boarded up.  The construction site was awesome and unfortunately no camera…

Later that day I went to Ocean Beach with Emily.  We walked around a bit and I saw Shawn walking by.  I talked to him for a second and then we were off.  We went to that one spot where Stevie took us a long time ago when we were drinking Arbor Mist at the beach.  Its more off in the cliffs area off of Santa Cruz Street.  Before we went there we picked up some 211s and drank listening to someone blast Postal Service over their speaker system.  We watched the sunset.  It was the best sunset I’ve ever seen.  Little did we know, we were watching the lunar eclipse and that’s what made the sunset so spectacular.  Pretty amazing.  Unfortunately, that was the day that no one had a camera but the memory is always there.

After the sun set, it got cold and we went to the suspension bridge. We chilled there.  Supposedly someone had the same upper lip piercings that I have but who knows.  I didn’t verify…

I gotta start writing on this more.
I’m going to make myself…


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