Posted by: Patrick | February 26, 2007

Santa Cruz.

This was written waaay after I went on the trip so my memory is definitely a bit hazy but this is what I remember of the trip:

I went up on Monday night with Rachelle and Kelly.  We stopped by People’s to get her some vegan food for the trip and McDonalds for dollar cheeseburgers so Kelly and I can eat something.  Then it was about a ten hour trip up to Santa Cruz because of bad directions and just not knowing where to go.  We arrived around five am and I just tried to gain some lost sleep before the party.  I got a little and soon after the people started piling in.  There seemed to be an unexpected San Diego presence in Santa Cruz.  About nine of us or something.  The night was fun.  Traveled around a bit inbetween the colleges, Fresge and Porter.  Then much needed sleep.

The next day was Wasted Wednesday.  A Fresge tradition of sorts but that wasn’t until later that night.  During the day, Rachelle, Alex, Shawn, Kelly, and I went to go and try to get tattoos but there was only time for one and Rachelle decided not to.  So we went back to Lauren’s room and waited until Payam and Ryan returned so we have enough car space to do what we needed to do.  In the meantime we walked to the meadow and saw some deer near the campus.  They returned and we went to the Farmer’s Market and then Trader Joes for more booze for that night.  Then people started filing in and I went to play Dodgeball with Rachelle.  We got there and the games already started but we joined in and played.  It was pretty fun.  Then we got back and had a piercing/tattoo party.  Ryan and others gave out the tattoos and I gave people piercings.  I counted seven piercings that night I think.  I ended up staying up until 8 and then woke up around ten to leave.  Ha.  A whole two hours!

The ride back was fun. We went down the 1, which is the scenic route.  Good times with good people.


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