Posted by: Patrick | January 10, 2007

Balboa Park.

Erica and I went to Balboa Park for Free Museum Tuesday.  We went to the Historical Society and saw all the crappy teenager-made diagrams posted on the walls.  Then we came to the section where they ask you two questions and give you Post-its to fill out and post on a bulletin board. The two questions were “When were you born?” and “What promises have kept you in San Diego?” Erica put ‘This bitch was birthed in 1987. The destruction of the Coronado Bridge: in progress.’ Ha.

Then we went to MOPA.  That is the one I always want to go to but miss.  This time it was mainly photojournalism photos.  Mostly immigration from Mexico to here but they also had some from around the world.  Two of them were from the Philippines.

Then we went to Dead Bum Valley and found a Pilates Instruction Point.  Tony Hawk Underground Railroad.



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