Posted by: Patrick | January 7, 2007

Da Kines And Beer!

Yesterday, Emily picked me up and we went to Da Kine’s to eat and drink a pitcher of beer like we’ve been talking about doing forever.  I got the Teriyaki beef and she got the Chicken Katsu and we got the premium brew at Da Kine’s.  Then she showed me her boyfriend’s house in Mission Beach and his dog, Luca – who is an awesome dog.  Then we went to go see Nathan at his house.  We chilled for a bit and then we went to Emily’s house and drank for the remainder of the night.  At around eleven, Emily dropped us off at Nathan’s and I passed out after a while.

The next day, we went to go eat at this place called Limonz, where we ate the best taco in the world.  It was so fat and flavorful.  In the afternoon, Ariana and Anthony came over.  Ariana split a little bit of coke with me and then we went to Presidio Park.  Then later that night, Emily picked me up from Nathan’s and we went to Heather’s house and got fucked up.  Fun times.  Karaoke!


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