Posted by: Patrick | January 5, 2007

Tales From The Darkside.

So I was flipping through the stations on television and I find this hokey looking tv show on sci-fi.  Some lady and her daughter were freaking out and then the daughter turned into Cleopatra.  The father walks in and she turns back.  The mother in this movie is a horrible actress so I thought that this movie must of been a comedy.  Turns out this was a horror TV show in 1986 not unlike Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits called Tales From The Darkside.

But the plot of this show, or what I got from watching the last twenty minutes, was there was this family that never sinned and one day the mother becomes a saint.  Then, wanting to just live a normal life for her family, tries to commit as much sin as she can to be normal again.  Nothing works until her friend tells her that ‘pride’ is the worst sin.  Once she becomes ‘proud’ of being a saint, she loses it and her friend gets sainted.  Well, after that show, I watched another and then I was over it.  But if there’s a DVD out there, I’m thinking about getting it.


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