Posted by: Patrick | January 2, 2007

Lost Phone.

Somewhere along the madness that was NYE, I lost my phone. I knew it was after leaving Melissa’s house but before I came back to it at four or five in the morning. I thought about all the places that it could be and it was probably lying on the floor at one of the parties or in someone else’s pocket by now. I got up the next morning and asked my friend if it could be in her car but she said she looked and found nothing. So I was just bummed all day thinking about cancelling my phone or how I could afford another phone or how the hell I was getting home. I had no numbers to call. Well, I hung out all day at my other friend, Nathan’s, house and we all went to eat the first meal of the year at Tokyo House. So good. Then watched Jackass and, luckily for me, his little brother was headed near my house anyways so he gave me a ride. Then I went on Myspace and lo and behold, I got a message saying that the phone was found. It was in my friend’s car after all. So now I’m just waiting until my phone and I can be reunited once again.


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