Posted by: Patrick | December 2, 2005

Eighties’ Party.

Chad and his complex were having an eighties’ party so 955 came over. Nathan, Emily, Joe, Kelly, Charles, Aaron, and Mari went around eleven. I didn’t dress up but Kelly and Mari did. I don’t remember much from the night except the end when I realized everyone I came with left and there was a little drama but not too much. Some guy passed out on one of the beds so one of the girls pulled him off the bed and then she pulled down his pants and painted his butt yellow. Ha. I guess it made sense to her at the time. (UPDATE: The photo of this was removed by Photobucket for breach of terms and contract.)

Reid came really late to the party and it was pretty much over by then so he was going to leave and he gave me a ride to Nathan’s. That explains the shit load of pictures of him at the end.

PS. Don’t drive me home after a party when I have my camera. You will be mildly annoyed. Ha.

More pictures here ====>


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