Posted by: Patrick | November 13, 2005

Impromptu Photo Sesh.

I chilled with Charles at 955 all day and then Nathan, Charles, and I went to Theo’s to grab something to eat. After that, we walked around Garnet talking pictures for a couple of hours and Nathan ate at Cotijas. We ran into Gio near Sinbad’s and he was battling this guy who said he could freestyle better than anyone because he was signed with a record label. Gio and the ‘signed artist’ battled for about fifteen minutes or more. I got most of it on video but I don’t think I’ll post it. It’ll take to long to upload to a video host site.We also ran into Banyan and he chilled while the freestyle battle was going on.

PS. The only picture I like of the night is the one above.

More pictures here ====>


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