Posted by: Patrick | October 31, 2005

Photo Adventure.

Nathan and I went to go take our cameras out and take some pictures for fun. We went to Jack In The Box and took Nathan’s mom’s car — the black Lincoln Navigator. We drove to Clairemont and picked up Sousa at his house. He brought his camera, too, and we went to one of the many canyons in Clairemont. Nathan and I were talking about how we both use to hang out occasionally in the canyons with these homeless kids and we thought it was weird because we might have met a long time ago and just didn’t realize it.

We found this spider and took pictures of it for a while. I got some video. I love the video capture on this camera. In the eye video, I realize how crisp and clear it can get. You can hear my shock in the video. I’m definitely going to be using the video a lot. Ha.

After that, we dropped off Sousa and went back to PB. We said “hello” to Amanda, who works at Pacific Eyes And Tees in the Promenade and then took the car back. Later, we got his stepdad’s car and drove to Mission Bay to take more pictures.

I went home a little later to get prepared for the night. Its Halloween night!

PS. Nathan and I were talking about how we thought it was funny that we went to Jack In The Box three times in one day and in three different cars. They totally know us there.

PPS. Here’s the videos:

More pictures here ====>


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