Posted by: Patrick | October 31, 2005

Halloween Night!

I came back to PB and met up with Lauren, Kelly, and Justin. We went to Cotijas to get a bite to eat and then we went to Longs. Dylan bought us a bottle of good old Island Pride — the shittiest, but cheapest, rum you can get. We didn’t know of anything to do at the time but, later on, Chad was having people over at his place.

We were walking around Garnet and stopped by the Pumpkin Patch to look around. There was not much left and the pumpkins were heavily discounted. We got some cider and the guy behind the counter said, “You can have those pumpkins for free.” He pointed to a pile of little tiny pumpkins and said, “I have some paint if you guys want to paint them on that table.” We didn’t have anything else to do so we decided to paint some pumpkins. I hit the bottle a couple of times but tried to keep it lo-pro and out of sight from the counter guy. After ten or fifteen minutes, the guy came back and asked us if we wanted some sour mash whiskey. We all said, “yes”, and he brought us all shots of Jack Daniels. And to think I was wasting my time taking shots under the table when this guy really doesn’t give a shit. Ha. He was cool in my book.We finished painting our pumpkins and headed over to Chad’s to party for the remainder of the night. I divided my time between Chad’s party and a party a couple of blocks away at a neighbor’s of Amy and Nicole.

Here’s a video from the pumpkin patch:

More pictures here ====>


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