Posted by: Patrick | October 29, 2005

Los Angeles: Day One.

Lauren was going to Los Angeles to go check out some colleges up there. Pitzer College, I think it was. She brought Kelly, Ryan, and I along too. It is the second day of having my camera and we tested out the video feature on my camera. I’ll have a video up of it later.

We went straight to the college campus which was in Claremont and we took a little tour. The campus seems really nice and the people really relaxed and chill. As we were walking around, we spotted a group of people gathered in the grassy area and surrounded by this makeshift fence was a keg. A keg on a college quad! Now that’s a school I want to go to. Ha.

After that, we went to this burger place in Pasadena and then the high school football game. We met up with some of her friends and then went to this hookah bar. Something happened and we couldn’t stay there too long — I think we had too many people to one hookah — so we ended up going to this party in Pasadena. I took video of that too but I don’t think I’ll put it up. We didn’t stay too long.

After that, we went to Venice Beach to try to find a spot to sleep but couldn’t and kept driving. We tried to get a hotel room but couldn’t do that either so we ended up driving more and just pulling over somewhere in Burbank and sleeping in the car parked on the street in front of someone’s house. Let me just say that I’ve had a better night’s sleep before.

More pictures here ====>


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