Posted by: Patrick | October 28, 2005

Gamma Gamma Hey Halloween Party.

It was finally the day of our party. I had so much shit to do: pick up Joe, go find someone 21+ to go buy us the alcohol, go get alcohol, mix the drinks, get the bar from my house, transport it to the party house, decorate somewhat, and get dressed among other things ie. keg.

Okay, so it was finally here. Halloween! And Gamma Gamma Hey’s official Costume party. We told everyone we knew and passed the flyer (seen above but redone to have this year’s date) around school. Joe and I decided that we’ll trade off being bartenders throughout the night since we were the ones running the show.

The night was so hectic and dealing with lots of drunk people while I’m almost completely sober was pretty bad but tolerable and entertaining. There was a massive amount of people there and it was the first time I used my new camera! I did my bartending duty for a bit and then was relieved by Joe. (The bar was in the garage with the keg). I walked out of the garage and inside. There were so many people. It was packed. Ha. We rule at throwing parties. I walk outside to the backyard, which is a pretty good size for the neighborhood, and it was shoulder to shoulder. It was crazy.

So crazy that the cops were called on us and it was pretty early when they came — around midnight or one. The cops were telling everyone to leave and since it was so packed, it was hard getting everyone through the front door. Then either the cops or our friends who lived there — I’ve heard stories of both — turned on the hose and started spraying people to get them to leave.

I hid in my friend’s room and brought all the alcohol from the bar. Right outside the bedroom door, some girl was holding a beer can in front of the cops and wasn’t even 21! I think the first thing I would do would be to put any alcohol in my hand down if I saw a cop. I heard them card her and cite her for minor in possession. I mean, come on. If the cops roll the party, YOU PUT YOUR BEER DOWN especially since you are under 21.

After that, I heard Autumn’s voice asking, “Where’s Patrick?” I come out of the room and she says that people are coming over to her place so I take the alcohol and ride with Valerie to Ocean Beach. There the afterparty started. It was just Autumn, Josh, Nathan, Emily, Valerie, and I. Valerie couldn’t drive so we crashed there and left the next morning.

PS. When I was in the backyard as the policemen were ushering everyone out, I asked one of the cops, “Hey, are we not allowed to have a party?”

The cop responded, “You can have a party. Not a rager.” Ha. The cop called my party a rager. Yes!

More pictures here ====>


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